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Progressive Construction is a full service contracting company that specializes in Home Elevation, Structural Relocation, Structural Shoring, Foundations and Storm Damage Repair. Headquartered in New York, Progressive Construction has established satellite offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, and Connecticut with the ability to service all surrounding states.

Progressive Construction’s mission is to bring their experience, expertise, and help to all communities and families that have been affected by natural disasters.  Progressive Construction has the know-how and ability to lift and move all types of homes or buildings while taking into account the climate and unique soil types indigenous to those regions.

Home & Building Elevation Services

Home or Building Elevation (also known as House Lifting, House Raising, or House Jacking) is a process that can be used to reduce the risk of flooding by raising an existing home or building above the base flood elevation. Having elevated thousands of homes and buildings, the team at Progressive Construction is experienced in the elevation of all foundation types and layouts.

Structural Relocation

There are many reasons for a homeowner or business owner to consider relocation as a viable option for their home or building. As a member of the International Association of Structural Movers, Progressive Construction has performed numerous relocations in many locales across the country. 

Leveling & Foundation Repair

Over the lifetime of a home, its foundation can slowly begin to fail and cause noticeable damage to all other components of the structure. As a solution to structural undermining, Progressive Construction can shore, repair, and level any or all of a home’s foundation, whether slab, pier, and beam, or mixed. 

Helical Pile Installation

Progressive Construction is the premier solution provider for structural support for residential, commercial and municipal construction. We are certified and highly qualified helical pile installers. We dedicate our crew’s education and training to create a sound and secure foundation for all new and existing construction.

When Experience Matters

Four Generations of Trusted, Dependable House Lifting Services

Progressive Construction merged with Jeremy Patterson’s family’s home elevation business. The Patterson family business encompasses four generations of home elevation experience and has elevated THOUSANDS of homes and buildings across the country dating back to the 1970s. This melding of companies has created a powerhouse of experience, safety, and dedication to helping homeowners and businesses in need of flood recovery services. Progressive Construction welcomes the unique challenges brought with each structural project we complete.

Having elevated thousands of homes and businesses, the team at Progressive Construction is experienced in lifting all foundation types and layouts. Structural Lifting is a process that can be used to reduce the risk of flooding by raising an existing home above the base flood elevation. Upon completion of an elevation project, the home or building is secured and stabilized upon its newly constructed foundation system designed by structural engineers. Homes or buildings which are elevated above the government-mandated height requirement for flood hazard typically qualify for a reduced annual flood insurance rate.

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The House Lifting and Structural Repair Experts. Since 1998.

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Our team has over 100 years of combined experience and are experts in all aspects of flood recovery services.

Experts at Production

Our production crews will finish your job in record time ensuring a smooth process with little or no hassle to you.

Experts in Safety

Licensed, bonded and fully insured. We have an A+ safety rating!

Over 100 Years Combined Experience.

Progressive Construction handles all your home or building elevation needs!

Licensed Commercial & Residential Contractor

Over 100 Years Combined Staff Experience

House Lifting and all Aspects of Flood Recovery Services

We Utilize The Latest Technology Available

State-Of-The-Art Unified Jacking Machines

Insurance & Bonding Limits That Exceed Government Requirements

Flood Mitigation

Certified in Helical Pile Installation, Underpinning, Tension Anchors, Slab Support & Boardwalk Systems

Full Demolition Services

Foundation and Structural Repair

Concrete Work

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Client Testimonials

They work hard as a team even if it’s pouring rain outside, they don’t quit. They go the extra mile and get the job done. I couldn’t be happier with my decision and the quality of their work. You can put your trust in the entire team.

Haydee T.

My house was flooded by Hurricane Sandy just 60 days after my husband died. In 2 months time, I lost my husband, my house and my home business. I was faced with overwhelming issues, decisions and emotions. Progressive Construction went so far and above what they needed to do that I highly recommend them and can never thank them enough.

Loretta B.

Progressive Construction not only lifted our house but has made it an unbelievable home for us to move into.  From the faucets to the dock…..everything is perfect. Their ideas, creativeness and professionalism is truly unparalleled

Josie B.

Why Elevate?



is the key to preventing future storm damage to your property



preserves tax revenues to the local schools, roads, police, and fire



preserves neighborhoods



prevents extra solid waste from entering our landfills



keeps your flood insurance premiums reasonable



creates more value for your home

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