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Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers is our primary goal. We are so happy to help Long Island Families with all of their flood recovery and house lifting needs. Please take a look at what our satisfied customers are saying!

Raising my home was quite a journey and one I dreaded having to experience. After years of going through the endless cycle of paperwork, emails, case workers, life’s tribulations and multiple contractor interviews, I met Gary Onorato of Progressive Construction of Long Island. We met at least 3 times before making my decision. Each time he demonstrated qualities such as intelligence, honesty, compassion and he was very enthusiastic about his vision for the company. His referrals all had similar things to say not only about him but his entire team.

I decided to go with my gut instinct and hired his company. My house lift started on Monday and by Tuesday it was up. I was kept informed and educated about every step in the process. My neighbors were treated with the utmost respect and they gave compliments rather than complaints. Getting back home in under 3 months happened because they do not subcontract the work. They work hard as a team even if it’s pouring rain outside, they don’t quit. They go the extra mile & get the job done. 

I couldn’t be happier with my decision & the quality of their work. You can put your trust in the entire team.

Haydee T.

Babylon, NY

Gary from Progressive Construction fully renovated our home in Melville.  We could not have been happier with the quality, service and the respect not just from the owner but his whole crew.  I never once hesitated having any one of his crew in my home when I was not there.  They were extremely neat, professional and always on time.  We had such an amazing experience with Progressive that when my husband and I decided to downsize and move to the South Shore to be on the water we had no doubt who we would go to.  Gary not only lifted our house but has made it an unbelievable home for us to move into.  From the faucets to the dock…..everything is perfect.  Gary is always available for any question regardless of how silly I thought it may be.  He always was kind and explained every aspect of the job in terms I could understand.  His ideas, his creativeness and his professionalism is truly unparalleled.
Josie B.

Amityville, NY

My house was flooded by Hurricane Sandy just 60 days after my husband died. In 2 months time, I lost my husband, my house & my home business. I was faced with overwhelming issues, decisions and emotions.  My 16 year old daughter and I were living in an RV in the driveway with a 175 pound Newfoundland and I was struggling to get my project going. My house is not conventional construction. It is brick over concrete block and the brick is not attached to the block. In addition, the floor joists pocket directly into the walls. This made it a very difficult & complicated lift. The bank would not let me tear it down and Hurricane Sandy had undermined the foundation to the point that the floors were sloping severely and the bricks were cracking. Seven different house jackers looked at it and never came back. Jeremy & Greg and his crew came in and lifted the house, fireplace and second story deck all in 4 days.  As they raised it, they leveled it 6″.  While the house was in the air, the contractor undermined the cribs under my fireplace and Jeremy & Greg came immediately to make the situation safe again. As my house was being lifted, I learned that my contractor had stolen my money and I was not going to have a contractor to do the foundation. They helped me find a new mason and kept my project from stalling. They went so far and above what they needed to do that I highly recommend them and can never thank them enough.

Loretta B.